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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

How to Block Ads on Crunchyroll 2019

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Everyone loves to view their favorite anime series on a Crunchyroll. Well, maybe not everyone but many people like to. The fact that it is free and easily accessible is part of what attracts people to use Crunchyroll. You can even connect with your TV screen for everyone around to watch or watch personally on your mobile phones. Once your headphones are on, you are good to go!
However, what annoys me most is the numerous ad popups that cause disturbances each time I am trying to enjoy my favorite anime on Crunchyroll. I am sure many Crunchyroll users are also as frustrated as I am because of these unwanted ads. Not to worry, I found a solution for you. In this article, we will check out how to block ads on Crunchyroll 2019.


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Crunchyroll is a great place to promote video ads because it is used by millions of people all over the world. While trying to watch a 24-minute anime video, an episode of your favorite series, you will come across about 6-minute ads at different intervals. 
These ads usually consist of other anime series on Crunchyroll, so most times it is a spoiler alert. Maybe you are in haste to watch a new episode of your favorite anime series while on lunch break, but you keep seeing ads at intervals. It could be really frustrating and annoying, to say the least.
I know that feeling, but when I came across AdLock, everything became different. In no time, my frustration was gone except when there is no Wi-Fi at work. That’s why I decided to share this article on how to stop ads on Crunchyroll 2019.

What is AdLock?

AdLock is an outstanding ad blocker that assists in blocking unwanted ads. It can help prevent ads from popping while enjoying your series. It is one of the best in the world with which you can enjoy your favorite anime series smoothly without getting frustrated. It works on both Windows and Android phones.

Using Adlock on Crunchyroll on Windows

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To use adlock on your personal computer or laptop, you will need to download the Adlock app for windows on your computer. After successfully downloading it, the next thing is to install it. Were you expecting any other step? That is all you have to do. Simple, right? that's why I always say, "what you don’t know stays unknown to you no matter how simple.”
We must take note of one thing about AdLock: Once installed on your personal computer or laptop, it will block all ads on your pc and not only on Crunchyroll. It works with all kinds of browsers, so if you want to start viewing ads on other websites, you may have to disable it.

Using Adlock on Crunchyroll on Android

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I have divided this aspect into steps. Let’s dive in!
  • The first thing is to download the AdLock app from your Play Store. 
  • Install and open it.
  • Check for updates on any app and update all.
  • Enable HTTPS filtering.
Then you are good to go!


I hope that with this article, you have been enlightened on how to block Crunchyroll ads august 2019. If you have any questions, we will be glad to hear about it in the comment section below.

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