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Easy ways to download Ball Blast apk files for Android/PC

Ball Blast by Voodoo is an arcade game that has always been famous as a simple but highly addictive game. In this free Android game, your ...

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Easy ways to download Ball Blast apk files for Android/PC

Ball Blast by Voodoo is an arcade game that has always been famous as a simple but highly addictive game. In this free Android game, your mission is to use a cannon to shoot bombs at giant rocks to smash them to smithereens. The control in Ball Blast is rather simple, you just have to drag your finger to the side to move the cannon from one side to the other while it's constantly shooting bombs. But, make sure that you have to avoid the debris that falls from the rocks as you shoot them because if you get hit, you will be dead. The game's over. You also have to gain money as many as possible to unlock firecrackers and many other things in the store. Moreover, like other games from Voodoo, Ball Blast has eye-catching graphics that are wide view, more bright colors, can be changed h each different level. So, it will certainly provide hours of simple entertainment. And, remember that its requirement is Android 4.1 or higher. Today’s post will carry out easy ways to download Ball Blast apk files for Android/PC.

Ball Blast icon

About ball blast apk

APK is the abbreviation of Android Package Kit. It is an archive file that contains needed components to install an Android app. 
There are some cases that an APK file helps us:
  • Firstly, due to the weak Internet connection, users can’t download the apps
  • Your Google Play doesn’t work, so you can't access error to Google Play
  • Or,  the incompatibility between their Android versions and the app’s version on Google Play.

When it comes to sideloading APK files from elsewhere other than Google play store, the thing that immediately springs to your mind is the safety of the file. It’s true that there are a lot of third-party websites, but not all of them are closely monitored and authorized. So, to not become the victim of virus attacks, you should take the file from reputable sites or carefully check this apk file before installing it into your device. 
Ball Blast screenshot

How to Enable Unknown Sources on Android 

By default, the Android Operative system has a restriction that blocks installing applications outside the Google Play. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot vault over those confining walls to sideload apps from unknown sources. This process is actually actually pretty easy.
You just go to Settings, then turn the toggle next to the Unknown Sources option to the ON. After that, your phone will be allowed to download unauthorized apps on your phone.

Download Ball Blast APK on Mobile

Now, follow this step-by-step instruction to download Apk files on Android mobile phones for free.

  1. Access the website Games1998, then search for Ball Blast through the search bar. 
  2. Tap on the right app among the results, then tap on Download APK. Then, choose Download to continue without hesitation when the warning message prompts. 
  3. Wait for a while to complete the app’s download. Next, press Install to start the installation. Finish all the steps then you can open Ball Blast right on your Android.

Download Ball Blast APK on PC

For PC-based applications, you need to launch Android emulator software on your device. In this post, we will guide you on the way to download and install Ball Blast apk file on PCs with Bluestacks, the most mainstream Android emulator. 

  1. Open any Internet browsers on your PC.
  2. Search for Ball Blast app and choose the suitable result of your search.
  3. Click on Download APK to start downloading the apk file.
  4. After the file is successfully downloaded, open BlueStacks.
  5. Then, access the folder containing the downloaded APK file. Long-click on it to drag the file to the main interface of BlueStacks. Then, sit back and wait for the app to appear on Bluestacks.


Now, you have known about how to download and install ball blast apk on Android and PCs for free. Let’s download this game, and enjoy it right now.


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